Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Women's Culture

DD and DM took a drive to the Women's Cultural Centre the other day. Here are some photos we took ....

At the entrance - couches and chairs covered in wonderful, handwoven fabric - in front of a magnificently carved door

A picture of the late Sheikh - made entirely of tiny beads -

an absolute masterpiece!

... and the gorgeous DD is a masterpiece too!

Inside, we found a bevy of ladies beavering away making baskets

How to make a stunningly beautiful young girl look like a horse!
Or Goucho Marx!


secretdubai said...

Actually you look quite pretty in the hijab - no comment on the moustache though!!

I find wrapping the hijab round the face generally hideously unflattering for anyone of caucasian features. It seems to suit - or be least unflattering on - dark skinned, rounder-faced ladies with strong, dark eyes.

kaya said...
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