Monday, October 03, 2005

The other side of the Emirates Palace Hotel

You know that larney hotel near the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi - the fancy one we have all been dying to have a peak at. Well, fortune smiled on the "Lulu" family and we were able to gatecrash ...

Like typical "niks gewoond" tourists, we gazed and gasped and gawped ... and snapped photos of anything that moved (or didn't move, too)

We were even stunned at what was in the basement parking - rows and rows of sparkling, brand new BMW's, Merc's and even Bentleys (or were they Rolls Royces?) DH couldn't tell me - he had tears streaming down his face at the time and his tongue was hanging on his tie, so he couldn't speak!

One floor had all white cars, the next floor had all black and a third had all silver! (I think they are part of the hotel deal where you get a chauffeur driven car as part of the stay).

We took the obligatory photos of the chocolate pudd with actual, real, proper GOLD LEAF on it, and the ice bar - made of actual, real, proper ICE!

You really know you are a peasant when you are so overwhelmed that you take photos of the toilet signs, the toilet doors and the washbasins!

But, what are you when you sneak a piece of toilet paper into your handbag to show them folks back home - 'cause it is so thick and so soft????


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The pudding looks so Clean.

moryarti said...

I attended 2 events over there along with the grand opening ... superior taste.

Did u notice how everything was custom made? - like the glass balconies overlooking the pool area!

Pure elegance

just a mom said...

I can't wait to see it myself! 8 days! ONLY 8 MORE DAYS UNTIL I AM IN THE UAE!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So Just a mom...How much does a plane ticket run these days? From what I can see it's around $1291.00 from the USA.

kaya said...

AAH thankyou for that little tour of haloed grounds.
My husband has been there thrice and he comes back with these UFO has landed type of stories about the hotel. Totally un do u believe in fairies believable.
I owe him an apology!(HAHHAHAHHA LIKE HELL I! DO LIKE THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN! What they dont know....)