Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I really hate bloggers who start an interesting blog and suddenly just stop blogging - it is soooo irritating to click on one of "My Favourites" and see the same old same old day after day.

And now, I have become one of them - a non-blogging blogger!!

Well, I did try a couple of times to update, but .... after battling for an inordinate amount of time to actually get into the bloody blog (see, I couldn't remember HOW to get in, and then couldn't remember my user name OR password...!!! Ho hum), well, then I just sat there looking at the blank page, wondering : Is this how exciting my life has become - a complete blank - that I find boring, nevermind anyone else.

Then I thought I would put up a couple of photos - at least then I wouldn't have to ACTUALLY write anything .... really really REALLY cannot remember how the hell to get photos onto the blog. Aw shit!

Anyhooo, I am determined to rejoin the blogging community SOON, so don't lose hope ....