Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Prince Charles and his Camil

So, Prince Charles and Camilla came to visit us in Abu Dhabi (just for one day, but what the heck ...) And they drove past OUR house, and WE SAW THEM (from the window of the 14th floor, but what the heck ...) And here are the photos to prove it .....

First, the cops blocked off the intersection ...
That's HIM in the first black car ...

Closely followed by his personal ambulance (right side of photo) and then (presumably) some bodyguards ...

And some more bodyguards ...

And some more bodyguards ... and finally the cops ...

Then the excitement was over
and life returned to "normal" once again.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fame at last !!!

Did you spot the whirling South African dervishes swinging pillows ?????
Not sure why they fuzzed our faces - perhaps to protect the innocent involved...!!

Pillow Fighting - and FAME

Recently a group called Foresight ( organised a Guinness Record breaking attempt to hold the biggest pillow fight. They were hoping for 5000 participants - so DD and I joined in (who can resist a good pillow fight??)

It started out in an orderly(??) fashion, with the handing out of pillows to participants ....

But, BEFORE the start of the actual fight, things quickly deteriorated into a free-for-all, a a certain person (who shall remain nameless on this blog!) couldn't contain the urge to bash the sh*t out of someone smaller ....

until, exhausted from showing the DD who is the boss, he finally collapsed on said pillow ...

THEN, the actual fight began .....

It only lasted for 1 minute, but was the most fun I have had with a pillow since I was a teenager .......!!!

Afterwards, we drove away feeling exhausted, stress-less and knowing that we would be famous one day - so, when you see the biggest pillowfight listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, YOU can say : I know someone who was there ......

... and a baby blanket ...

More Jerseys for Jack

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shhhh .... knit happens .....

This is why I have been TBTB (Too Busy To Blog) for a while ...

Someone asked me to knit some jerseys for her first grandchild. What fun it was - casting on 20 stitches instead of 120! BTW congratulations Janet on baby Jack ... have fun spoiling him.

Souf Effrican sense of humour

I just love our sense of humour - we found these on holiday too .....

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm confused ......

Watching the news on Iraq, where the Sunni's and the Shia are having a go at each other, I got to thinking .... which sect are the UAE Moslems? I mean, it's like a rugby match - you've gotta support the right team, right?

So I looked it up .... big mistake!! Hours later I was still none the wiser. These guys have more divisions than a Matric maths class. It's no wonder they don't get along too well.

Let me see if I have got it right .... It seems that "the religion of Islam has many divisions, sects, schools, traditions, and related faiths." No kidding!!From, the free encyclopedia

1 Major Branches
1.1 Sunni
1.2 Shi`a
1.3 Sufi
2 Sunni schools of thought
2.1 Hanafi
2.2 Hanbali
2.3 Maliki
2.4 Shafi'i
3 Shi'a Sects
3.1 Jafari
3.2 Ismailiyah
3.3 Zaiddiyah
3.4 Alawi
3.5 Alevi
3.6 Bohras
4 Sufi Orders
4.1 Bektashi
4.2 Chishti
4.3 Naqshbandi
4.4 Oveyssi
4.5 Qadiri
4.6 Suhrawardiyya
5 Kharijite Sects
5.1 Ibadi
5.2 Sufri
6 Kalam Schools
6.1 Ash'ari
6.2 Maturidi
6.3 Murjite
6.4 Mu'tazili
7 Movements within sects
7.1 Barelwi
7.2 Deobandi
7.3 Salafism
7.4 Wahhabism
7.5 Liberals
7.6 Islamism
7.7 Tablighi Jama'at
8 Other sects
8.1 Zikri
8.2 Ahmadiyya
8.3 Moorish Science
8.4 Nation of Islam
9 Related Faiths
9.1 Yazidi
9.2 Druze
9.3 Bábism
9.4 Bahá'í
9.5 Sikhism
9.6 Submitters
9.7 Five Percenters

Wikipedia - understanding that most of us are completely befuddled by now, also provide a world map of the types of Islam .....

But, if you look at the colour of the UAE's section, you will see that it is a completely different shade to the rest of the world and/or the key .... wha??

Ok, now I am dazed and confused ... and completely deurmekaar ... can someone please help me?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back from Beyond

The lovely holiday home is now a distant memory ... but as it has taken me all this time to get out of my "there's nothing to blog about" phase, here are some of the memories we made this time ...

When you fly Business Class,
you get your own "Pod"!! - no neighbours!!

Rolling grass covered hills in Natal

A festive Christmas table