Monday, April 09, 2007

A Knitting Parcel from Heaven

(Well, it is from an angel at the very least!!)

A RAK parcel came today - completely out of the blue (the VERY best kind!!) It felt like Christmas, my birthday and Chinese New Year all rolled into one. Look what the angel sent me :
Firstly, notice the exquisite box - it screams class, but it also screamed "Open me, open me, open me ..."

Okay, I admit, I ripped into the box with my car keys, there and then - in the car park - well, there was NO WAY I was going to wait until I got home - forgetaboudit.

A bag with not one, not two, but three skeins/hanks of THE most incredible sock yarn - ACTUAL, REAL sock yarn. (I have never seen a skein of anything in real life, and I have never seen or felt or smelt or snuggled real, live sock yarn. (But I did today - right there in the PO car park - with a glazed look of love on my face, too!!)

Then out popped some dpns - bamboo, no less - never seen those before either!! And two circular needles to play with and a really useful booklet for notes on my adventures in sock knitting land. Oh, oh, oh..... it couldn't get any better, could it? .... it all smelt so delicious - just like honey, why? Because the angel had added some Bee Bar lotion too.

DD and I had a tug of war over possession of the plastic carrier bag - the little brat won!

Then we fought over the yarn - hah, this time I won!

And the yarn is now sitting on my laptop, where I can see it and snuggle it while I surf!!

Thank you Lori aka Crazyknits - you are simply the best!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Abu Dhabi Heritage Crafts

A recent visit to the Heritage Craft Village intrigued those of us with an obsession with handmade craft objects .....

Like this guy (who was up to his neck in weaving!) :

A Work In Progress

Samples of beautiful woven silks :

Looms for making larger tapestries and carpets :

The finished products