Saturday, October 15, 2005

Movie Sub-titles

Most of the English movies shown on tv here have Arabic subtitles. Now, I find subtitles irritating at the best of times - I won't even consider going to a movie with them because I am so busy concentrating on the bottom of the screen, I usually miss all the actual action above.

But you have no choice on the tv screen.

My points are :

How can it take three lines of Arabic to translate the words :"Yeah, ok"
Sometimes the Arabic squiggles take up almost the whole screen.

Then, if you are watching a non-English, non-Arabic film, you have the English translation with the Arabic translation superimposed on top. So nobody can understand anything!!

What are they translating when music is playing and nobody is talking?
"La la la di da doh..."

And, for goodness sake - what are they translating when a horse neighs or a dog barks?
"Horse says .. bhrrr" or "Dog barking in shrill voice" ????


kaya said...

thats for the multiligual deaf.

Anonymous said...

Well, last night in Dubai I saw a French film that had been dubbed into "cop English" (it was a cop film) with Arabic and... French! subtitles. (eye roll).

Oh, and it really sucked.