Friday, September 30, 2005

Wanna eat ME?

A new shop has opened in the local mall - some kind of artsy fartsy bubblebath and handcream shop, much like the Body Shop. DD andDM of course had to investigate this new kid on our block.

Well, they had all the usual fruity / vegetable facemasks etc - so you can cleanse your face with a cucumber mask, then slather on some basil and papaya cleanser, followed by a refreshing dose of lemon and strawberry toner and finally some kiwi and mango moisturizer. So, all in all you can smell like a fruit salad (or a Caeser salad, it's your choice!)

All well and good, but then we spied something that was strange - even for us!! Tomato flavoured handcream, zucchini flower spritzer and mushroom handbalm. Now, who the hell wants to smell like a freaking tomato - eeww, secondly : what on earth does a bloody zucchini smell like? Does anyone know ... does anyone WANT to smell like that?? Ok, and finally, mushrooms grow in shit and have a musty, rotten, shitty smell - who would want a handbalm that smelt like that?

Wait ... it gets better .... (cue dramatic music .... ta ta ta ta)

DD called DM over to look at a bottle of Hotdog shampoo....

No way !!! You've got to be kidding ... it even has a picture of a dog on a hotdog bun on the bottle. Imagine your lustrous tresses blowing gently in the breeze, and reeking of hotdogs.

But, then they slightly (ever so slightly!) redeemed themselves ... it was actually dog shampoo ... you know, so you can have a "hot" dog!!

Mmmm, methinks the world done gone crazee!!

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