Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The All-New Arabian Diet ...

Some items on menu's which will help you stick to your diet :

For starters ... some "FOUL" with oil??

Main course ... a helping of "RAW MEAT"

Washed down with a delicious ... AVOCADO MILKSHAKE

AAAHHHH, but all is not lost ....

You could enjoy one of these :
(in case you can't see it very well, it reads :
Three scoops of Shameless, Vanilla nestled with a banana republic and
sheekily coated with chocolate sauce scandelous!)
I think that is just so imaginative and creative - it made me wanna order one!!

And my all time favourite saying :

1 comment:

Emirati said...

Try Fatta Mouz, or Fatta Tamr its a Yemeni Speciality, very nice breakfast..