Sunday, July 24, 2005

Need a drink?

Liquor Licenses (For non-Muslims only)
Licences are issued through A&E and MMI the two licenced suppliers of Alcohol in Dubai.
Just go to one of their outlets and pick up the forms

No one said it is easy!!!

1.Original passport with valid Dubai Residence Visa, plus copy.
2.A salary certificate from your employer in English and Arabic (because your quota amount will be determined by your salary. Housewives are entitled to .... nothing!)
3.A coloured passport size photograph with your full name written on the back and one of your spouse ( if you authorise him/her to purchase on your permit)
4.Completed Application Form in English signed and stamped by your employer as well.
5.Copy of your accommodation lease.
6. A letter of no objection from your employer. This is to be addressed to Dubai Police, Dubai Police General HQ, Dubai - along with a Company stamp and signature.
7.Fee - Dhs150 in cash
8. Copy of your Labour Contract.

9. For renewals you need everything as above and you MUST have your old license. The number and expiry date are put on the form

Your license is valid for one year.

PS If your company is in a "Free Zone" then you also need the no objection letter stamped and signed by the free zone authority as well.

Drinking and Driving
There is one simple drink-drive rule here. Don't. Ever. At all. If you get caught, you go to jail. Even if its only one little drink. And if you have any alcohol in your system at the time of any accident, your insurance will not pay out. Doesn't even matter if it was your fault. If you were drinking alcohol, then that's it. No arguments. Jail for you.

Some would then consider taking a taxi if they get inebriated. If you don't smell of alcohol and don't appear drunk, you're fine. However, if you are tipsy, sloshed or plastered, your taxi driver will probably just drive you to the nearest police station where you will be arrested for public drunkenness.

It's simple. Drink at home if you must. And don't drive anywhere. Or if you plan on going out and having a drink, make sure you have a sober friend to drive you home.

Now I REALLY need a drink!!

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