Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ah... Life in the Big City ....

There was a really good story in the paper the other day. Someone’s bull (yes, as in ox), escaped from his backyard and headed off down the street. People (on foot and in cars) began to chase the poor thing which got more and more scared and ran faster and faster. The police were called and they also set off in hot pursuit until finally there were about 500 people galloping after the unfortunate animal. That is not funny at all, I agree, but the funny part is … rumours began to spread that the police were actually after illegal immigrants in the surrounding flats. The illegal immigrants then herded out and streamed into the streets, ahead of the bull, which was ahead of the police and the rest of the public. Finally, there were close to 2000 people screaming and fleeing down the small side streets, with the police sirens blaring and the other cars hooting like crazy. The chaos continued long after the bull was caught and returned to its owner! Ah, life in the big city!

"Are you just glad to see me, or is that a SNAKE?":

Sherana Alansudhir bravely put herself in danger early yesterday morning to save a woman caught in the deadly grip of a large snake. The mother of three got hold of the snake’s tail – believed to be a young python – and unwrapped the four feet long reptile from the leg of a hysterical cinemagoer during the 11pm performance of ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ at a cinema in Dubai.
“It was about an hour into the movie and we were engrossed when the women in the row in front started screaming. But the scene was of an explosion and people in the film were running and screaming, so no one took notice,” Ms Sherana said yesterday. “Two minutes later and she was still screaming. A continuous high pitched scream.”
Ms Sherana said she was worried that the woman may have been having a heart attack as she was lying on the floor shrieking. Ms Sherana leaped over the seat in front of her to help the woman once it became clear that there was a snake. “When someone with a mobile phone with a flashlight pointed at it, we saw it was a snake. I told her to shut-up and stop screaming.
I got hold of the snake’s tail and began to unwrap the snake and carried it to the foyer,” she explained. “By then the lights had come on in the theatre and the film had stopped. Most of the audience left quickly on hearing it was a snake.

Aaaaahhhhhh ...... life in the big city ..........

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