Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pathetic Parking

Then there is the parking, or should I say "parking" in inverted commas, because it is not parking as we used to know it. The rule seems to be that the instant you spot the shop you are looking for, you simply stop and switch off the engine. This can be done in the middle of the street, on a corner or at the entrance or exit to any parking area.

Legitimate parking includes diagonal, parallel, vertical, double and even quadruple-parallel-behind-diagonally parked cars. In fact, we have seen several cars utilise the same parking space - at the same time - leaving only the side cars with enough room to open their doors and forcing the occupants of the middle car to use the sunroof to exit and re-enter their car. Obviously, if you do not have a sunroof, you should avoid being the car in the middle, unless in an emergency, when you could try to use the windows as escape routes!

We have not seen this YET, but would not be surprised ...!!

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RaJ said...

huh, this is real tough. Can you show the photograph of this parking if possible.