Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Licence Plates

Of course, Arabic numbers (as used on licence plates) are different to our western numbers (well, actually, the western numbers ARE Arabic numbers, and the Arabic numbers are Indic numbers, but that is a whole other story ...)

Anyway, the numbers here are different to what we are used to, and some could cause confusion, for example :

Our 5 is their 0, our 6 is their 7, our 2 is a backwards 7 and our 4 is a backwards 3 ... not to mention that our 7 is a zig and our 8 is a zag.....

The only ones that match are the 1 and the 9.

We have discovered that you can make words with their numbers, so, for example, if your licence was 41415 - it would read E I E I O!!

The government periodically sells "special" numbers, like 78787 (which would give you a pretty ziggy zaggy licence), and what about 5555 - that would be 0000! Or 4444 would be EEEE! The auction price of these special numbers sometimes start at Dh60 000 (R120 000) and can reach astronomical sums - and they sell like hot cakes. Someone told me that you can buy these numbers for life, and actually leave them in your will to your lucky inheritors ... I think I would rather have the pearls thank you!

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