Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Mall with Hot New Products

Hey, we have a new mall in Abu Dhabi (yeah, we really really need another mall, but hey ...)

Anyway, while moseying around, we found a delightful shop where you can taste and personalise olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Look what we also found on their shelves : Oil filled camels ... no pun intended!

And a little piece of home ... Viva Mama Afrika!


* said...

Yeh, got a HUGE gift pack from them. (sometimes its nice to be the wife of a MALL man)
Cant say I am a HUGE vinegar fan, and I like to make my own flavoured oils.
Not too much into arty farty stuff.

* said...

PS : Are you in town? Jin is off gallivantinging in Ireland. Call pls.

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