Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm confused ......

Watching the news on Iraq, where the Sunni's and the Shia are having a go at each other, I got to thinking .... which sect are the UAE Moslems? I mean, it's like a rugby match - you've gotta support the right team, right?

So I looked it up .... big mistake!! Hours later I was still none the wiser. These guys have more divisions than a Matric maths class. It's no wonder they don't get along too well.

Let me see if I have got it right .... It seems that "the religion of Islam has many divisions, sects, schools, traditions, and related faiths." No kidding!!From, the free encyclopedia

1 Major Branches
1.1 Sunni
1.2 Shi`a
1.3 Sufi
2 Sunni schools of thought
2.1 Hanafi
2.2 Hanbali
2.3 Maliki
2.4 Shafi'i
3 Shi'a Sects
3.1 Jafari
3.2 Ismailiyah
3.3 Zaiddiyah
3.4 Alawi
3.5 Alevi
3.6 Bohras
4 Sufi Orders
4.1 Bektashi
4.2 Chishti
4.3 Naqshbandi
4.4 Oveyssi
4.5 Qadiri
4.6 Suhrawardiyya
5 Kharijite Sects
5.1 Ibadi
5.2 Sufri
6 Kalam Schools
6.1 Ash'ari
6.2 Maturidi
6.3 Murjite
6.4 Mu'tazili
7 Movements within sects
7.1 Barelwi
7.2 Deobandi
7.3 Salafism
7.4 Wahhabism
7.5 Liberals
7.6 Islamism
7.7 Tablighi Jama'at
8 Other sects
8.1 Zikri
8.2 Ahmadiyya
8.3 Moorish Science
8.4 Nation of Islam
9 Related Faiths
9.1 Yazidi
9.2 Druze
9.3 Bábism
9.4 Bahá'í
9.5 Sikhism
9.6 Submitters
9.7 Five Percenters

Wikipedia - understanding that most of us are completely befuddled by now, also provide a world map of the types of Islam .....

But, if you look at the colour of the UAE's section, you will see that it is a completely different shade to the rest of the world and/or the key .... wha??

Ok, now I am dazed and confused ... and completely deurmekaar ... can someone please help me?


Jin said...

So nice to see you blogging again!
I invested in a coffee/espresso/capuccino maker skattie, so it's about time you made a plan to come for a cuppa again! (sorry about before, but was down & out wif da flu)

Brn said...

hi lulu. It is good to see you back too.

Most Muslims here are Sunnis. In fact, I have been told that it is actually illegal in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah for the Shias to sound their call to prayer, which is a little different than the Sunni.

Sam said...

The most muslims in the world are sunni and follow the quran and the sunnah the way of the prophet, but the shia follow the quran and the nephew Ali of the prophet may peace be upon him and I think the shia are a bit weird.