Monday, June 05, 2006

Where are all the sick people?

A recent report stated that every company will now have to employ 2 disabled persons on their staff. I think this is a superb idea, but .... I wonder where they are going to get all these disabled persons? Truthfully, when last did you see a cripple, or a blind person, or an amputee or someone in a wheelchair, or anyone with a physical or mental disability? I have been here almost 2 years and in all that time, I have seen one person in a wheelchair and yesterday saw someone who obviously had Downs Syndrome.
I haven't even seen anyone with a broken leg or arm, or even anyone with a bandage - the most "disabled" person I have seen had a plaster on his forehead where he hit his head on a cupboard.
So, where are all the disabled people? In fact, where are all the old people too? Don't see many of them around either.
What happens to you when you get old or hurt?
Okay, I presume that old, sick, disabled expats are shipped back to their countries, but surely UAE residents suffer from age and accidents, just like the rest of us humans? Or is it really a country populated with only rich and beautiful people?
OMG, I am so old and fat and ugly, I guess MY time will soon be up .........

Oh, I have just seen this article on another blog - great minds must think alike!!

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kaya said...

They mean their own people, you see plenty of them for sure. I am talking about the ones who drive SUV's and park in HANDICAPPED places.
Ofcourse for them the sign should read "HANDICAPPER"as we at the recieving end are but "HANDICAPEES".

Im glad to see you back, and Im still waiting to catch you someday for that cuppa tea or coffee. name your poison.