Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hinglish strikes again

I drive a hired car and the mileage is almost 35 000 and is starting to make strange engine sounds. DH suggested that I contact the car hire agency and check when it needs to go for a service, which is usually done at 35 000km as you get fined by them if you do not bring it in for service on time - DH also suggested I speak to Mohammed, who is quite clued up. So today I called them :

Morning, xxx car hire
Morning, is that Mohammed?
Yeeees Madam
Mohammed, I have one of your cars and I think it needs a service
This car hire
Ok, but can you tell me if my car needs to go for service
Service, maintenance, fix up
Yes Madam it's fixed up
No, car maybe need fix up
You have smash?
No not smash, need you to look at it
Looking at smash?
No, look at engine
Engine smashed?
No, car make noise, go agh agh agh
Madam, you ok? You need doctor?
Mohammed, can I speak to someone else
No Madam, I not Mohammed, I Ishmael, you want speak to Mohammed?


Anonymous said...

Too funny!Just too funny

Anonymous said...

LOL... Funny story made me laughing for more than 5 minutes..

Samir said...

I got stressed out just reading it!
brings back memories of my days in the Gulf.

it's unbelievable! very funny!

moryarti said...

i wish i noted down the number of times this happened to me ... i'll end up with a complete volume