Friday, September 30, 2005


Sorry fans (er, fan!) have had a severe, non-contagious (I hope) case of Bloggers Block - couldn't think of a single interesting thing to say ... You know, when you begin your blog, you have grandiose visions of millions of readers worldwide glued to the small screen, devouring your every enthralling word - so you ramble on and on and on. The next step is when you realise that nobody really cares what you did on a daily, hourly or nano-secondly basis - in fact, you even bore yourself into a coma.
So, had a small hiatus, gathered myself towards myself and now .... I'M BAAACK!!
Hee hee hee - be warned!!
See ya all soon ................

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Anonymous said...


Glad you are back-I actually missed you for about week - believe it or not!
visit almost everyday