Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Makes you think ......

Extract from the site below, regarding censorship of advertising in Arabic countries.


Enjoy or exciting are words that can be interpreted as sexual descriptors therefore to be avoided. Words like create and greatest should be used with caution, since they are associated with God.

Arabic calligraphy is a very creative art, where words can be written down by an endless number of forms. One has to be careful how an innocent logo would be interpreted. At one point Coca-Cola was going to be banned in Saudi because if you read the script in the mirror it can be read as No Allah, No God, but eventually that decision was overruled.


secretdubai said...

My Arabic is minimal (I know about 3/4 of the letters) but I can't make out anything about Allah in there!

Ivan said...

a commenter corrected me:

That reversed Coca-Cola can read, if you really strain your brain and squint your eyes and think negatively: No Mohammed No Allah. Extremists worldwide still think that the name Coca-Cola was chosen and written in this font deliberately to insult Muslims when the brand-name is reflected in a mirror.. Many found this type of logic to be hilarious..

samuraisam said...

sounds like another urban myth to me. i know all the arabic letters, but i cant understand the language very well, and i cant make out allah, or la.

I've heard from some advertising executive that in saudi they wanted to get these adv's approved, like huge billboard's etc.
it was for a childrens clothes shop, and there was a picture of a little blonde boy with his head through some stupid playground thing, basically nothing that could offend even the redneck south of america in the 50's.
The saudi authorities banned the ads citing that the blonde boy could sexually provoke men...

yeah, right...

Your Man in Dubai said...

I remember when I was young my mother used to go through all our clothes and cut out all the Marks & Spencer / St. Micheals labels. I don't know what they read now but I do know in the UK they read 'Made in the UAE' Ironic don't you think?

Also I remember there was a Prince album were he was naked (cross legged) on the cover, except here he was wearing jeans. Except it wasn't well done, something like paint version -1.1! or something. I do miss those Thompson Originals.

just a mom said...

Wow Lulu! I was just talking to the Major and he was telling me about how he has learned that the news in the US is VERY censored. Being in Al Ain has really opened his eyes to a lot of things......
We are both glad that we are getting our children out of the US where people don't think outside their "bubble", but I there are issues everywhere. What are we trading???

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