Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hopeless Haggler

A fellow UAE blogger ( ) recently wrote that he thinks he is the worlds worst "negotiator" - and that reminded me of an episode which I think ensures that I retain the title of "Worlds Worst Haggler/Bargainer/Negotiator" ....

We went to a school fete and one of the stalls was manned by an old man who looked like he could use a good meal. Next to him sat his equally old, shabbily-dressed wife. They were obviously not locals or European; I thought maybe they were from one of the poorer countries whose expats come here to earn enough money to eke out a basic living .... Sorry, getting carried away with the scene-setting ... but now you get the picture.

The old lady was slowly and painfully crocheting something, while her husband tried to sell the exquisitely crocheted tablecloths and bedspreads that she had already finished. I am a crafter and am always a sucker for a handmade tablecloth. I decided on one which was about 7 foot long - very intricately and beautifully done. And this is how the "haggling" went ......

Me : How much is this
He : 30 Dirhams
Me : 30 Dirhams, that is ridiculous, look at all the hard work that has gone into this, I would never pay 30 Dirhams
He : (Misunderstanding) - Madam pay 25 Dirhams
Me : No, at least 50 no less!
He : No, 30
Me : 50, no less
He : 35, no more
(By this time, I think it was more a battle of wills, and we had both totally lost the plot!)
Then I realised, maybe it was his pride - he did not want my "charity".
Me : Ok I pay 35 Dirhams and buy you lunch
He : Ok

So, he got his 35 Dirhams and two hamburgers and cokes, and I trotted off with an amazing new tablecloth.

But, you see, that is how I haggle - in reverse!!


Hurricane_ said...

Thats too FUNNY, but I have to agree that I have done the same, I know I am over paying but did it any way because I saw it as my way of helping the less fortunate.

I want to start my own BLOG but I know I won't keep writing.There are a few topics from my experiences when I was there which I am sure you have crossed. Let me know if you would like to share them with you.

Lulu said...

I would LOVE to hear your experiences - post your email address here and I will contact you.

Hurricane_ said...
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hurricane....start your damn blog already! its not necessary to update everyday or even every week just occasionally.

Hurricane_ said...

Twisted, I am more of a reader than a writer. I thought about starting my own blog but this article along with other factors discouraged me

Anonymous said...
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