Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And talking of yummy .........

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A woman and her female friend were sitting on a bench in the Kingdom Mall, eating ice cream cones, when along came a muttawa, accompanied by a police officer. (You can always spot a muttawa by his beard, his thobe—the white gown worn by local men—that is always four or five inches too short, and a mien of profound hatred of all things different.) The muttawa approached the women, pointed a menacing claw, and hissed, "Don't lick it that way!"
Not being an authority on the subject, I can't with any confidence say there isn't a sura buried somewhere in the Qur'an covering the moral etiquette of licking ice cream. I suspect, though, the muttawa had wandered a bit beyond his moral jurisdiction.
"We just looked at each other," the woman told me. "I mean, how else are you supposed to eat an ice cream cone? You have to use your tongue, right? We just sat there and watched our ice cream melt until he wandered off.

And just as I was about to launch into a tirade ..... I spotted these on the supermarket shelf - right next to the toothbrushes!! And I thought to myself ... "Well, maybe there IS a RIGHT way to lick an ice cream after all ........"

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Anonymous said...

It is simple really.

1- You put on a black large veil.
2- You place IceCream under the veil.
3- You bring IceCream to your mouth.
4- You bite a wee bite on the IceCream.
5- You eat with your mouth closed.

Voila. Simple.

1- You can drop the veil and curl your lips and suck on the IceCream while emitting sucking and swallowing noises.

2- Just shoot two bullet in the bastard groin!