Friday, July 01, 2005

People are Talking About Me

I am soooo excited ......

People have actually read my blog and have then actually taken the time to comment about it, either in my comments sections, or by personal email or on other sites.

This is a sample of the comments I have received :

"Your blog looks very good"

"what a great site"

"Great Site! I laughed so hard, i had tears running down my always seem to think at times only you notice certain things and if you say anything to anyone, they will think you are MAD! Good to know there are more like me ..:0)"

"OMG this site had me in stitches ... I laughed so hard I almost @$%$%^^* in ....."

"Well done Lulu, you should write a book. Very funny".

"Excellent. This site is very funny and reflects well the life in the UAE. Well done!"

"Good job! I just looked at it in a wizz, but want to take time to read everything. You have done a great job!!!"

"hii have just lookd at this site - brilliant. just love the photos! this website is a great, gives a really good impression of life in AD (says someone who has never been there!!!)"

"i thought this was very, very funny".

"I am at work reading your blog and laughing so hard, coworkers are convinced that I have finally fallen of the deep end. Very funny stuff"

"Hoop jy gaan daai lekker sin vir humor in jou blogs hou - ek geniet dit rerig!"

"All you are doing is writing about some of the quirky things that happen here. I think it makes the country more charming by it's quirkiness! Keep up the good work"

"My goodness THAT is hilarious!!"

"Keep up the good work"

"Hi - I liked reading your blog"

"Your comments are both entertaining and educational. I loved them. I wish I had read them before visiting Abu Dhabi in February (from the USA). My reactions to the life styles were much the same as yours but with less understanding. "

"Enjoying you blog, btw. Thankyou"

"Just found your blog and it is excellent! Please keep up the good work. I have also added it to my lists of links as well as to this short Guide to UAE blogs that I wrote the other day."

"I laughed SOOO hard, i fell outta my seat! Great Job!"

"We all enjoy reading them and have a good laugh at your adventures - you make them so interesting - hope you are keeping copies - you could make some of the experiences into a booklet guide for tourists to "Aby Daby" - what to do and what not to do!"

"very amusing and very interesting - nice to know how the other side think and live."

"certainly hope you are keeping copies of them all and going to publish them when you get back to S.A. You should have been a jounalist -honest Lulu you really write well and everything is so interesting and real - I think everyone who is getting the emails from you are thoroughly enjoying them"

"We all think you must write a book - well, you already have the first chapter done - so now just add to it - it will be a best seller for sure!"

"you have missed your vocation - you should have published a couple of books by now."

I feel amazed, flabbergasted, thrilled, embarassed, proud, anxious, grateful, tickled pink (and blue and purple too!) and tongue-tied (well, pen-tied actually!)

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you will find my ramblings interesting enough to come back again and again!. And in appreciation ... a BIG smiley face .........!


Anonymous said...

I've been in A.D for 3 mths and not really what i expected however this sight made me feel more like home... Canada.....
Its about time we have some humour going on... your a great writer
keep it up!

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