Thursday, June 23, 2005

TV or not TV?

We miss South African television very much - of the 30 or so free channels here, at least 27 are only in Arabic - and they were all only showing a photo of the dead Sheikh, with someone caterwauling in the background for ages after his death. Radio stations were exactly the same, the only alternative to the wailing was panflute elevator music, which one can only listen to for so long before going nuts. DD was threatening to leave if that music was going to be permanent. Luckily, some normality returned after the mourning period was over.

We have subscribed to "DSTV" here - called Orbit. The local tv stations are all in Arabic and the only free English programmes you can get are BBC and CNN which are full time news. So now we have another 140 channels to choose from!! The only problem is - about 120 of THEM are also Arabic. The English ones range from not too bad to fairly okay. We have started watching the new series of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. We can also get the latest US Idols and The Apprentice (with Donald Trump) and there are some ok movie channels. DH is glad for the sports channels and DD watches the music channels. Alas for me - no cooking channels!!

We also get channels from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Germany, France, even China - what a pity we can't understand a word any of them say!

So, although we have ove 200 channels to choose from, more often than not, someone is grumbling about their being nothing to watch on tv!!

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