Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Toys for Boys

DH had his revenge for us girls buying all new furniture, and bought himself a brand new, out of the box, 4 x 4. It is really neat, just the right size for carting our new furniture (which is all do-it-yourself and bought in flat boxes).

It is not commonly known, but only about 5% of the human body differs between men and women. Part of this 5% is the portion that causes males to become so emotionally involved with their cars. Us girls just want to know what colour it is, and does it have aircon.

He then HAD to have a satellite gps system for his new car - it can supposedly find any street or shop in the world and tell you exactly how to get there. Unfortunately, it seems to me, the only way it can tell you this, is if you have been to the destination before and programmed the route into it. DH loves it, but it's bleating gets on DD and DM's nerves ".... 100 metres turn right, robot turn left, arrive at destination ....." and more often than not : ".... lost satellite reception, re-calculating ...." (In other words, you are on your own now...) Grrr, it is obviously a boy's toy! All it does is tell you just how lost you are!!

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Sally D said...

Its true men want a/c and cd women colours, it was the same when I bought some portable air conditioning units my partners only comment was they are the wrong color, what difference does it make.